Sealing accessory material

The wire is used to close the object to seal and soon the seal with the pliers for its sealing.
We provide spare part dies for the pliers, engravings with the year, references, etc.
We make dies for seals of plastic inserted engravings in high relief.

Model: Ref Alam

Diameter: 1.1 mm
Length: 300m
Presentation: Ring 1 Kg

Sealing wire

Material: Galvanized steel
Characteristics: Steel soul with a spiral-coiled wire arround it.

Models: Refs r1c r2c r3c r1e r2e r3e

Engravings: plain,
text or logo

Spare Die

Characteristics: Spare parts for the detachable dies.

Model: Ref r1emb

Engravings in high relief

Die for inserted seals

Die to mark the inserted plastic seals in the taximeters.

Model: Ref Pun8

Diameter: 13 mm
Length: 110 mm
Diam. engraving: 8 mm

Marking stamp

Steel 1,2379 tempering 60 HRc
Characteristics: Customized striker pin with logo or text that lets us fast marking any object.